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Easy Vegetable Gardening at Your Home


If you've ever dreamed of having your own vegetable garden at home you might have thought that you just didn't have enough space to make one work. That's not necessarily true. In fact, a lot of vegetables can be grown happily inside right in containers that you can put wherever you want, inside or not.


Some common vegetables that you can grow inside include carrots, avocados, lemons, mushrooms, salad greens, tomatoes, herbs, beets, onions, etc. They are also all perfectly happy growing outside as well. Vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are also very easy to grow which makes growing them in a windowsill a great option. Always get some quality potting mix when you are potting your own plants since it differs greatly from the dirt that you would find outdoors.


Carrots and radishes are unique for a root vegetable in the sense that they can be grown in boxes or troughs. Other root vegetables need more depth but these ones can put out roots in smaller containers. Even some types of peas can be happy growing indoors.


Keep in mind that when you are planting in containers it's important to keep the plants hydrated since containers can dry out more quickly than when they are in the ground, so you might need to set up a watering system if you have a lot of plants or forget to water them regularly. But also keep in mind that different plants need different amounts of water. Avocadoes for example can get waterlogged at the root and don't need as much water as some other plants do. Know how to build an aquaponics system here!


Some fruits and vegetables might actually grow so much that you eventually take them outside. If you're growing a lemon tree for example, those can start in a small pot indoor but ultimately grow up to 20 feet tall. If you find that a lemon plant is outgrowing your pot you might want to transfer it into something bigger and consider moving it outdoors. You can also purchase dwarf lemon trees such as Meyer lemons. Get patio garden ideas here!


If you don't have enough light in your home for some of these plants you can also buy a grow light, which will help in that aspect. There are a number of different grow light systems to choose from depending on the type of intensity that is needed. They differ in the type of bulb being used and can provide different grow support like encourage leafy growth or flowering.For more facts and information regarding small space gardening, you can go to