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Guidelines on Successful Container Gardening

Container gardens give homeowners the freedom to dress up their patios as well as grow vegetables for their kitchens. If you are thinking of adopting such a garden, it is important to approach the task carefully. Educating yourself on how to do the same would minimize your chances of failure. Discussed below are guidelines to help you out.


You ought to plan appropriately before making a move. You should determine where to place your containers and the types of vegetables to grow. This is important because some plants prefer more sunlight than others do. While you can always move your containers, such a move is likely to be cumbersome if you have many pots. Moving them would also interfere with your plans as far as dressing up your patio and balcony are concerned. 


Do not assume that any type of container gardening for beginners would do. Understand that size is not the only thing to consider when choosing containers. You have to be careful to choose container materials that would be perfect for the types of veggies you would be planting and your local weather conditions, too. In case you live in a hot area, black containers would be a bad choice because they absorb more heat. Plastic would also be a bad choice because it can deteriorate rapidly under direct sunlight. Terracotta pots are usually the best, but they are demanding regarding watering because they tend to dry out rapidly.


You should sterilize your pots whether they are new or not. If you would be using containers that have housed plants before, you should be more careful when sterilizing them because they could have housed diseased plants. It is always important to ask for help regarding sterilizing to avoid contaminating the containers further. For further details regarding container gardening, you can go to


It is important to choose a quality potting mix. Assuming that any type of soil would be perfect for the types of veggies you would be growing would be a bad decision. Garden soil is never a good choice because it tends to be heavy and clayey, meaning that it would hold more moisture in the pots. Excess moisture causes root drowning. To be on the safe side, hydroponic gardening for beginners is important to buy porous soil from reputable garden centers.


Consider investing in self-watering pots. Such pots work best for busy people because all you need to do is fill the reservoirs with water. They would also be the perfect containers if you are afraid that you would overwater your plants. It is always important to ensure that you choice pot has the right type of weep hole for the types of veggies you would be planting.